Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving is For Cats, Too!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We went to my mother's house for the traditional meal and gathering.  As expected, the cats, who stayed home, were quite indignant that we were gone for so long.  Not that they missed us, really, but we were overdue to feed them.  How dare we miss dinner time?

My mom, also an animal lover, decided that the best use for the turkey pickings after the feast was done, was to give the cats their Thanksgiving.  She spent the time to pick the turkey clean to the bone, tearing the larger pieces into smaller ones, and mixing it with the remaining pan drippings.  She packaged it all for us to bring back to the cats.

Of course, the moment we stepped through the door to our own house, the cats were yelling.  It didn't last long, however, once I scooped about a cup full of the "Kitty Thanksgiving" mixture onto their empty plate.

Our cats eat canned and dry cat food daily.  This special treat was definitely appreciated!  Thanks, Mom!